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Hello everyone, my name is Yagao. An Indie Game Developer from China.

This game took me 1 year and a half to complete it. Cause I have to work at day time and only have 2-3 hours to do my work at night.

I spent lots of time to think about the game's graphics, UI, music, and level design. Espacially the level design(I remaked them for all 160 levels).

For all fun facts, I searched for numerous web pages/Wiki, and translate them into Japanese and English by myself. 

I have devoted my great efforts to it and I hope you can like and enjoy it!

Thank you so much~

Puznum is a unique brain teaser that will challenge your math skill! Combine number cards by swiping the screen, reach the desired Goal Number and win the level. Don’t worry if you don’t get it yet. We will guide you to learn how to play the game at first. Keep trying and you will be a math wizz soon! 

How to play PuzNum: 
1. See the Goal Number. That’s the number you have to achieve by combining the numbers on the screen.
2. Strategize on how to get that goal by combining number cards. 
3. Swipe the screen to either subtract, divide, multiply, or add the numbers.
4. Swipe several times to combine the numbers until the Goal Number is achieved.

Aside from playing and practicing your arithmetic skill, we also provide 160 Fun Facts to motivate you as you win. You can learn some curious and exciting things through these fun facts. What a fun way to practice your calculation skill, right? It’s definitely a very addictive and thrilling game beyond classic number games or boring math exercises. It really makes you think, calculate, strategize, and come up with solution! 


• 4 Difficulty Mode
• Over 160 levels to challenge you.
• 14 kinds of props and playmode
• Bright, cheerful, graphic that is suitable for everyone
• Learn a fun fact after you finish a level. 
• Complete the level within a limited move.
• Try to find the best solution (with least move) for any level. 

Tips: Our game will get harder as the level progresses. Again, you don’t have to be a prodigy in mental math or ace your middle school math lessons to win later levels. To win on later levels that you have problem with, you can look back on previous levels. What works and what doesn’t. Try out different solutions for one answer if possible. Therefore, you will gain insight that you need on harder level so it won’t frustrate you. 

We also encourage you to play together with friends and family! More people solving a puzzle means more chance for success. It’s also a fun activity to do when the family is together. Remember that to solve the puzzle, you need more than a math skill, so don’t be discouraged if you think your friends are far better in Math than you!

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